Book Review

The Secret History  Donna Tartt Price: RRP £8.99 but available online for around £6 as paperback or an ebook. Rating: 9/10 Plot Summary: A young man, Richard Papen makes friends with some elite classics students at his university who open up his world to new ideas as he becomes embroiled in their affairs. Review: Donna … Continue reading Book Review


First Book Review

As promised here is my first book review- you can find it posted under the book review of the month page! I loved The Secret History and hope that if you read it you will too. Please note that my review talks about the plot so if you don't want to know what happens read it … Continue reading First Book Review

Hello again!

So it's been ages since my last blog post, Sorry! I fully intended to have written my first book review by now but my university work has got in the way. However, now that I have finished reading copious amounts of articles on the Mexican Revolution of 1911 my review of Donna Tartt's 'The Secret … Continue reading Hello again!


Scrumptious Swedish Chocolate Cake

My sister and I discovered this recipe last Easter when we were making Easter Lunch for our parents. I had never heard of the recipe before which is known as Kladdkaka in Swedish but after trying it I discovered it is deliciously sweet and is a perfect dessert or afternoon snack with a cup of … Continue reading Scrumptious Swedish Chocolate Cake


Simple Biscuits

I used to be terrible at baking. Every time I baked something the kitchen would begin to look like a snow scene from a Christmas card with flour everywhere whilst the food itself always turned out to look a little less picturesque... That was until I discovered how to make these simple biscuits; not only … Continue reading Simple Biscuits



Welcome to my blog about books and baking! Ever since I was a child I've loved to read; snuggled up in my bed on a cold night or lying outside in the sun on one of those rare warm British summer days. However, I never have anyone to discuss my books with so I've decided … Continue reading Hello!