Hello! It seems like a very long while since I was able to write a new blog post, read a new book or even bake! Sorry for the lack of activity recently but I have been studying really hard for my end of year university exams. Instead of baking delicious cakes I have been eating lots of fish and superfoods, not o yummy! And whilst I would normally be getting lost in the pages of a great classic I have been busy reading about historical events and memorising lots of names and dates. However, now that revision is too a thing of the past I am able to bake and read for pleasure once more! Although, reading in the sun may be off the cards at the moment given this miserable grey and wet British weather we are experiencing  lately, there are now no longer any impediments to my two favourite hobbies! Therefore, I will be posting a recipe for my latest bake and a book review for the brilliant Mrs Dalloway at the end of the week! I can’t wait to start posting again and am looking forward to writing some discussion pieces on summer reads too! What will you be be reading this summer and where do you plan to read in the on a sun soaked Mediterranean beach or at home in your garden? What do you plan to bake for all those summer garden parties? I can’t wait to find out.  I’ll be posting again very soon, in the meantime have a great week and happy reading and baking everyone!

P.S. I also thought it was about time I update my about page. If you are interested check it out.



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