Lemon Meringue Pie

I made this for my Dad last weekend for Father’s Day as he really loves it. I have to admit that I’m personally not a massive fan of this pudding. However, having said that this recipe was delicious. The pie barely lasted the week we could not stop eating it as it was so delicious.

As I had not made the recipe before I used a Marry Berry recipe I found online. Below is the link to the recipe. This post will contain some snippets of advice from my own experience making the pie rather than the recipe in full.


  1. I do not have a food processor so I used a wooden spoon, a bowl and my hands to make the dough. This worked fine however, the dough was a little watery with this method. Adding a tablespoon of water was not really necessary. I also added more flour to the mixture to obtain the right consistency, I did this by eye a little at a time.
  2. I did not use a baking tin but a large dish and this worked fine. It did not affect taking the desert out to eat.
  3. I also did not have baking beans but the use of lentils, penne or macaroni will do the same job as them.
  4. The rest of the steps I followed exactly as Marry Berry explained how to in the recipe link above.
  5. I also found that the pie was best on the day I made it. We had it cold but you could have it warm.
  6. I bought cream to serve it with but found that it was so rich you did not really need this.
  7. My top tip would be that actually if you take you time and break each part down into individual steps the recipe is fairly easy so relax and enjoy baking!

Pictures to follow!


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