The Time Traveler’s Wife

Having enjoyed ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ so much I decided that I would watch the film. I purchased the film very cheaply at only £2 online and should have realised that the price was an indicator of the quality of the film. If the book was nine out of ten the film would have to be rated as three out of ten. My boyfriend who generally doesn’t mind being forced to watch Romantic films fell asleep he was so bored watching the DVD. For me, I was;t so much bored as disappointed. The novel had so much raw emotion which the film completely lacked. I was not teary during the final moments of the film nor was I even remotely sad because the intensity of Henry and Clare’s relationship did not shine through in the film as it had done in the book. Furthermore, many parts of the book were omitted from the film or placed into a different order. Given that the parts of the novel are carefully composed to build up to the final climax I think this is probably why the film lacked in depth. For example, the difficulty of Henry and Clare to conceive a child was dealt with fairly quickly. Additionally, I particularly did not like the fact that in the film the character Clare was quite angry at Henry for his time traveling which is not what I personally experienced in the novel. Consequently, all these elements created just another generic romantic film and did not do the book credit as for me the appeal of the book was that it was not just another cheesy love story for the mass market. As a late night film on Saturday when nothing else is on and you have nothing better to do this is an okay film but I would not rush to purchase it.



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