Easy Ombre Cake

My mum made me this cake for my last birthday and I thought I would share with you all how to do ombre icing. Be warned my sister said she has never seen so much butter in her life when she helped bake this!

Bake a victoria sponge and leave to cool. Once your cake is cool it is ready to ice! If you want a sponge recipe you can find mine here: Classic Victoria Sponge.

You need will several packets of unsalted butter, a packet of good quality icing sugar and pink food colouring (gel colouring is preferable to the liquid you buy in bottles). Weighed amounts will vary based on the size of your cake, mine pictured was three tiers. Have ready three separate mixing bowls and three disposable piping bags.

Mix together butter and icing sugar with a spoon to make buttercream. Then add a little of the pink food colour to tint the butter a pale pink. You will need to make double the quantity of the lightest colour.

Repeat the above step twice more. Each time increase the quantity of colouring.

Fill each of the piping bags with each batch of the buttercream.

Starting with the darkest pink coloured buttercream pipe swirls on to your cake. Using a turntable stand helps as you can turn the cake round as you go. Once you have piped around the base, pipe the middle colour onto the cake. Finally pipe the lightest colour buttercream at the top of the cake and across the top.

Ta-dah! You will have an ombre butter iced cake!



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