Feather Icing

This is a simple and effective method for creating a more detailed icing for your cakes. You will need a piping bag, a knife and two different colours of icing made from icing sugar.

Firstly, make up two separate batches of icing. It is best to keep one white and make the other a colour such as red, black or blue. Secondly, select the nozzle 1 for the piping bag. Pour the coloured icing into the piping bag and set aside. Next use the white icing to decorate your cake as you would normally do. Now, use the piping bag to create a continuous spiral moving outwards from the centre of the cake. Or if you are decorating half a cake do a series of arcs. Working quickly use the knife to pull out the coloured icing from the centre to the edges to create the feathered effect. Repeat the around the whole cake. IMG_0198.JPG




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