Hello and welcome to my blog classics and cakes.

A little bit about me …

I’m Emily, a 22 year old student. I love to bake and read when I am not studying American and European history in London.

Me enjoying churros in Spain. 

Besides my love of reading and cooking I also enjoy spending my time with my family, friends and pets. I also love to travel and try new cuisine and learn about new cultures. My boyfriend lived in Spain last year while he studied so I particularly like Spanish food and visiting Spain to use my Spanish. When at home I like to walk my dog and enjoy cuddling my very cute cat! I’m actually a little bit of a crazy cat lady actually! Wherever I am in the world though you can always count on me to eat cake and to have a book in my bag!

This is my dog and cat!

I started this blog as a way to share my interests of baking and reading. I decided that writing a blog would be a great way to discuss all the books I read with other people who share my interests because reading just isn’t as fun if you have no one to share your shock at the latest plot twist with and I haven’t been able to find a local book club yet. My aim is to stimulate as much discussion on books as possible. The reason I chose to review and read classics was another personal choice. I have set myself the challenge of reading over 100 classic books which various newspapers have suggested every person should read before they die. I thought I was an avid reader but many of the books on the list I have never read and so posting regular reviews on books is a way of making sure I get through my list!

I decided to combine my book reviews with recipes because I come from a family who loves to cook. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried my mum’s Victoria Sponge Cake and my sister bakes great chocolate creations too! I actually used to be a terrible baker and left the sweet treats to them to make! However, in my first year at university I lived in halls and really missed the great food I was used to. It was here that I made an effort to cook and bake. As well as help from my mum in the holidays I found loads of recipes online and found other’s tips really useful so, I thought why not help someone else or inspire a fellow novice to enjoy the satisfaction of baking well too!

I may also add little reviews of my holidays every now and again because I love to travel so much but we will see how it goes.

One of my mum’s delicious cakes!

If I inspire just one person to pick up a book or bake a cake then I consider my blog to be a huge achievement! I hope that you will feel inspired to do so and that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Please follow my blog for regular updates and comment to help me discuss books and baking with more people.


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