Hello October!


How are you are all?

I can’t believe that it is already October and I start university tomorrow after such a long summer! I hope you have been enjoying my blogs and thank you for all the lovely comments and likes. I have a few other posts lined up for the next couple of weeks including my top ten birthday cakes ever to show you all how wonderful my mum is at making cakes. Have you got any favourite cakes your mum has made for you? I’d love to see them or know if you have.

Not only is it October but Bake off is nearly half way through! This year I have seen lots of recipes on the show for puddings or bakes that I have already made which makes me feel really good. For example I actually made a lemon meringue pie back in June using a Marry Berry recipe. You can find the link here: Lemon Meringue Pie and have your own botanical week of baking. If you don’t fancy such a time consuming bake you could always try my apple pie recipe, especially as it is Sunday.

Seeming as it is a new month I will also be posting a new book review soon so keep an eye out for that. This month I will be reviewing one of my all time favourite books ‘Rebecca’ and given that I love the Hitchcock film too I think I may review that too.

Keep reading and baking and have a great week as always,




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